The Offshore Base Cuxhaven

Where previously sheep had grazed along the dike in front of Cuxhaven, since 2007 the emergence of the Offshore Base Cuxhaven has been an extremely fortuitous development for business in Cuxhaven.


The development of the Offshore Base Cuxhaven is considered a great opportunity for the economic advancement of the industrial site and the region.


The Offshore Base Cuxhaven offers ideal conditions as it is geographically central to the prime location for using offshore wind energy. The offshore capability of the port is an essential prerequisite for shipping large wind turbine generators and erecting them at sea.


Due to the proactive investments of the State of Lower Saxony and the support of the EU, an optimal infrastructure for offshore wind energy has been created in the last few years.


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The Offshore Base Cuxhaven with offshore Terminals I + II, heavy duty roads, and the heavy load platform for the transshipment of completely assembled offshore systems, or offshore components, offers the best conditions for the offshore industry on the German North Sea coast. Going forward, offshore wind parks in the North Sea can be erected in an optimal manner.


The early political decision towards offshore wind energy and the investment on the part of Lower Saxony and the City of Cuxhaven in Cuxhaven's offshore infrastructure have been confirmed with the establishment of the Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH (CSC) in 2007, followed by AMBAU GmbH in 2008.