CSC Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH

Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH (CSC) - a subsidiary of the BARD Group, is the first company of the offshore branch to settle in Cuxhaven. In their facility here they have produced foundation structures and components for offshore wind turbine generators.


The BARD Group has been working since 2003 on developing new energy resources on the high seas. BARD is a leader in the development and implementation of future-oriented offshore wind power utilization.


"BARD Offshore 1" was erected approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of Borkum. It is the first commercial, and currently the highest performance high seas wind park in Germany. Starting in 2013, the "BARD Offshore 1" wind park with 80 wind turbines has a nominal capacity of 400 megawatts, equivalent to the electricity requirements of more than 400,000 households.