CuxHafEn GmbH

The focus and objective of the newly founded CuxHafEn GmbH is to improve the social and economic structure by sustained development in the City of Cuxhaven, and promoting investment projects. At the same time, the new association is investing in renewable energy, promoting innovative projects for modernizing the business site of Cuxhaven, and contributing to strengthening the site marketing of Cuxhaven.


The activities of CuxHafEn GmbH are aligned to create and retain jobs in Cuxhaven, and promote the establishment and relocation of industrial and commercial companies and service providers, particularly to develop and prepare areas, and to purchase, lease, or rent properties and buildings.


With the new founding of the CuxHafEn GmbH and the associated fulfillment of the objectives of the public service mission, the participants are dedicated to improve their ability to quickly and flexibly react to new requirements, particularly with attracting businesses in the port region.