Cuxport GmbH

The modern deepwater terminal Cuxport, thanks to its ideal location and multi-modal connections, offers excellent conditions for fast and easy transshipment of cargo.


In this regard Cuxport as a multi-functional terminal has no limitations, whether from "A" for automobile to "W" for wind turbine generators, there is hardly a requirement for which Cuxport cannot offer a tailor-made logistics solution.


Cuxport is able to offer comprehensive transshipment possibilities 24/7. From rolling cargo, containers, forestry products, steel and project cargo to automobile logistics, Cuxport can handle it all.


With four berths at two facilities and more than 260,000 m² of paved surface, the modern sea port terminal, which was founded in 1997, is equipped for any requirement.


Cuxport meets these needs not only with high performing ultramodern equipment, but also with the comprehensive logistics know-how of the Cuxport employees.


Cuxport provides its services also within the scope of the Offshore Base Cuxport as a port transshipment company.