Economic Development Agency Cuxhaven

The central concerns of the Agentur für Wirtschaftsförderung Cuxhaven (AfW), (Economic Development Agency for Cuxhaven) which is composed of a specialist team from the fields of business management, geology, geography, marketing and tourism, among other areas, cover a broad range, from promoting commercial and municipal investment, and providing consultation for developing economic areas that are significant for the city and county of Cuxhaven, to regional cooperation and initiatives for increasing the economic strength and competitiveness of the region.


The AfW can provide an extensive profile in the area of the offshore wind turbine generator industry in Cuxhaven. At present, in cooperation with the State of Lower Saxony, the City of Cuxhaven has developed into one of the leading offshore base ports.


Further expansion stages for the Offshore Base Cuxhaven are planned for the coming years.