Offshore-Terminal I

Offshore Terminal I was officially opened in March 2009 and serves as a specialized port for the offshore industry. It is equipped with a 650 t heavy load gantry crane. With the gantry crane it is possible to load, among other things, the tripiles (foundation structures) weighing nearly 500 t and the tower segments that can be up to 70 m long. These are produced by the companies CSC Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH and AMBAU GmbH in Cuxhaven.

The Offshore Terminal I is a public port and its size and function are unique on the German coastline. The total terminal area is approximately 10 ha for storage areas as well as operational, traffic and auxiliary areas.

Infrastructure of Offshore Terminal I:

  • Ship facilities: Quay structure parallel to the Elbe with a 160 m long berth for accommodating ships up to 110 m long and with a water depth of 7.40 m CD (LAT) and water-side access
  •  Port berth: Approximately 116 m long and approx. 42 m wide, and with a water depth of 7.40 m CD (LAT)
  • Waiting berth:   approx. 100 m long and with a water depth of 7.40 m CD (LAT)

Construction start OT I: 01/2007

Completion: 03/2009

Function: Loading offshore components

Terminal area: 11 ha

Terminal operator: Niedersachsen Ports GmbH


Offshore Terminal I
Offshore Terminal I