Offshore-Terminal II

On March 26, 2010, the State of Lower Saxony gave the go-ahead for the expansion of the Offshore Base Cuxhaven, with the presentation by Secretary of State of the Ministry for Environment and Climate Protection, State of Lower Saxony, Dr. Stefan Birkner, of a 90-page plan approval notice to the management board of Niedersachsenports GmbH. Nports as the responsible party for this large project that is nearly 12 ha in size, has itself invested € 65 million in the construction of the quay and port facility.


With the expansion of the terminal by 4 additional berths, future multi-functional port facilities will be available for mooring transport ships, tugs, pontoons and floating cranes. Components, such as rotor blades, nacelles, hubs and towers can be transshipped via the terminals because the whole Offshore Terminal II is designed for loads of ten tons per square meter;

The port facility is accessed via a 60 m wide dike ramp which was also designed for heavy load traffic.


Within the context of the energy and economic policy objectives of "climate protection", "securing energy supplies" and "protection of resources", the extension of the Offshore Base Cuxhaven is a project that extends far into the future.


The Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, the City of Cuxhaven and the State of Lower Saxony are already planning additional industrial areas to meet the market.


Construction start: 05/2010

Completion: official opening October 15, 2012

Function: Loading of components

Quay length: 734 m, 4 ship berths

Terminal area: 11.6 ha

Ship draft: 12.70 m