Optimal Conditions for the Wind Energy Industry

Unique features and location advantages

 As the leading offshore base port, Cuxhaven has a number of unique features and location advantages:

  • Centrally located to the offshore wind parks in the North Sea
  • Offshore base port directly on the Elbe with depths sufficient for seagoing vessels
  • Offshore heavy load platform
  • Offshore Terminal I (with gantry crane)
  • Offshore Terminal II
  • Cuxport multi-purpose terminal
  • Quay facilities capable of heavy loads with all options for shipping and sufficient draft
  • Sufficient crane capacities (mobile and gantry cranes)
  • Barrier-free heavy load connection routes from the production site to the quay
  • In plan: Extension of the Europe quays
  • Industrial and manufacturing sites near the port for the offshore industry with direct connections to highways and rails
  •  Cuxhaven/Nordholz marine airport in the vicinity,
    (with an offshore helicopter base)
  • Maritime competency on site and in the region
  • Industry cluster for offshore wind energy and maritime logistics
  • Professional and vocational qualification offerings in Cuxhaven for workers in the offshore wind energy industry


 The profile of Cuxhaven as an offshore base has the following objectives:

  • Establishing companies that produce and/or assemble components of wind turbine generators (foundation structures, towers, rotor blades, nacelles) particularly for the offshore branch
  • Boosting Cuxhaven companies that are suppliers or provide services for offshore wind energy
  • Establishing Cuxhaven as a base port for logistics and for servicing offshore wind parks in the North Sea
  • Creating and preserving long term employment
  • Import and export site for components via partially existing regular shipping services to and from Great Britain, Finland and the Baltics
  • Establishing a new industry segment in a region that lacks infrastructure without any displacement effects


Cuxhavens successful contribution to the new energy policy - Services for the German offshore industry in Cuxhaven

Nordsee Ost

  • Production of tower sections
  • Handling of tower sections

Bard Offshore I

  • Production of Tripiles
  • Handling of Tripiles and Piles
  • Towages construction field
  • Service port

Global Tec I

  • Production of tower sections
  • Storage of tower sections
  • Handling of tower sections


  • Production of Transition Pieces
  • Production of Monopiles
  • Erecting of Transition Pieces
  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Scour protection

Amrumbank West

  • Handling of Transition Pieces
  • Handling of Monopiles
  • Storage of Transition Pieces
  • Storage of Monopiles
  • Cabling within the wind park