Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG

Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG

Cuxhaven / Rostock

Helgoländer Straße 10

27472 Cuxhaven

Tel. 04721-7166-10

Fax 04721-716633

Attractive solutions for any tasks at sea. Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for towing, salvage and recovery operations, sea transport, floating crane operation, and transport service for offshore technology.


From Cuxport and its subsidiary in Rostock, Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG offers the following services for the Northern European Sea region:

  • Assistance for seagoing vessels in Cuxhaven and Rostock
  • Sea transport with heavy goods sections and transport logistics
  • Material and personnel transport to the roadsteads of the German Bight, mouth of the Elbe, Rostock-Warnemünde
  • Salvage and recovery operations and assistance for distress at sea
  • Dive operations and anchor recovery
  • Ship escorts on the lower Elbe (light ship Elbe 1 to Hamburg) and through the Kiel Canal
  • Establish and maintain marine and intertidal flats building sites
  • Pontoon chartering
  • Port storage


Otto Wulf GmH & Co. KG is the exclusive German partner for the Danish salvage and recovery company, D.B.B., and through this cooperation has a floating crane capacity of up to 900 tons.