The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), issues permits for planned offshore wind turbine generators for large parts of the German North Sea and Baltic Sea. It is responsible for the application procedure within the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).


The largest part of the planning for offshore wind parks in Germany relates to sites within the EEZ. Within the 12 sea mile limit, that is, in the region of the coastal sea, the respective German states are responsible for erecting the systems. The basis for establishing systems in the EEZ are the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea from December 10, 1982 and the German Federal Maritime Responsibilities Act. The relevant marine facilities regulation governs the approval procedure. The rights to develop an offshore wind park are granted, if

a) the safety and ease of navigation and the alliance defence are not impacted,

b) the marine environment and the bird migration is not endangered

c) the requirements of the regional development (respecting the goals, and taking into account the principles of the regional development) or other overriding public interests (provision of raw material, national defense, and fisheries) are not in conflict.


The approvals for offshore wind turbine generators are limited to 25 years, so that decisions regarding the permission can be reconsidered at the latest after the expiration of regular technical service life.


 (Source: BSH 2014)



Approved wind parks in the North Sea:

  • Test field "alpha ventus", Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie (formerly: "Borkum West", Prokon Nord)
  • "Butendiek", Butendiek Offshore Windpark GmbH & Co. KG (formerly: OSB Offshore-Bürger-Windpark Butendiek GmbH & Co, KG)
  • "Borkum Riffgrund", PNE2 Riff I GmbH
  • "Borkum Rifgrund West", Energiekontor AG 
  • "Amrumbank West", Amrumbank West GmbH
  • "Nordsee Ost", Essent Wind Nordsee Ost Planungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (formerly: WINKRA Offshore Nordsee Planungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbh)
  • "Sandbank 24", Sandbank Power GmbH & Co. KG (formerly: Sandbank 24 GmbH & Co KG)
  • "OWP Delta Nordsee 1", Offshore Windpark Delta Nordsee GmbH (formerly: "ENOVA Offshore Northsea Windpower", ENOVA Offshore Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG)
  • "Dan Tysk", Dan Tysk Offshore Wind GmbH (formerly: Gesellschaft für Energie und Oekologie mbH)
  • "Nördlicher Grund", Nördlicher Grund GmbH
  • "Global Tech I", GlobalTech 1 Offshore Wind GmbH (formerly: Nordsee Windpower GmbH & Co. KG)
  • "EnBW hohe See", EnBW Nordsee Offshore GmbH (formerly: "Hochsee Windpark Nordsee", EOS Offshore AG)
  • "Gode Wind 1", Gode Wind I GmbH (formerly: "Godewind", Plambeck Neue Energien AG)
  • "BARD Offshore 1", BARD Engineering GmbH
  • "Meerwind Ost" and "Meerwind Süd", WIND MV (formerly: Meerwind Südost GmbH & Co. Rand KG and Meerwind Südost GmbH & Co. Föhn KG)
  • "EnBW He dreiht", EnBW Nordsee Offshore GmbH (formerly: "Hochsee Windpark He dreiht", EOS Offshore AG)
  • "Borkum West II", Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. (formerly: Prokon Nord Energiesysteme GmbH)  
  • "Gode Wind 02" and "Gode Wind 04", Gode Wind II GmbH (formerly: "Gode Wind II", PNE Gode Wind II GmbH)
  • "OWP Delta Nordsee 2", Offshore-Windpark Delta Nordsee GmbH (formerly: "Delta Nordsee 2" and "ENOVA 2")
  • "MEG Offshore I", Nordsee Offshore MEG I GmbH
  • "Veja Mate", BARD Holding GmbH (formerly: Cuxhaven Steel Construction GmbH)
  • "Deutsche Bucht", Eolic Power GmbH
  • "Albatros", Northern Energy OWP Albatros GmbH
  • "Borkum Riffgrund 2", PNE2 Riff II GmbH
  • "Nordsee One", Nordsee One GmbH (formerly: "Innogy Nordsee 1", Innogy Nordsee 1 GmbH and ENOVA Energieanlagen GmbH)
  • "Kaikas", Eos Offshore Kaikas GmbH
  • "Innogy Nordsee 2" and "Innogy Nordsee 3", Nordsee One GmbH
  • "OWP West", Northern Energy OWP West GmbH (formerly: LCO Nature GmbH)


(Source: BSH 2014)