cuxhaven as a partner in the promotion pool for hydrogen

Cuxhaven as a partner in the promotion pool for hydrogen "Hyland - Hydrogen regions in Germany"

Hyland – Hydrogen regions in Germany
The Federal Government has phrased clear climate protection goals, aiming at CO2 savings of up to 95 percent by the year of 2050. This requires constant increase of the share of renewable energies and the integration of the sectors. Green hydrogen will be essential in this process.
Municipalities and regions implement environmental and transport concepts on site and control numerous regulatory instruments in the fields of transport planning and control. They designate areas for the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels and, together with the municipal companies, operate vessel and vehicle fleets.
Funding of hydrogen regions in Germany is to motivate local and regional authorities and regions to develop initial ideas for integrated concepts, to specify and elaborate plans, or to implement these plans with the support of the federal government, depending on the initial situation. Funding considers the varying levels of knowledge and experience in the different regions. Any region is to be able to grow into a hydrogen region.
As a result, funding for regions and municipalities goes from support in raising awareness of the topic or the initial organisation of the actor landscape (HyStarter), through the creation of integrated concepts and in-depth analyses (HyExperts), to enabling the procurement of applications and thus implementing the concepts (HyPerformer).

  • Each region and/or municipality is advised in the areas of organisation and content for about 1 year. It then develops a local actor landscape (politics, municipal companies, industry, commerce, society) and cooperates in the development of initial concepts on the subjects of hydrogen and fuel cells based on renewable energies in transport, but also in the areas of heat, electricity, and storage.


  • The HyExperts subsidy is aimed at regions with initial project experience and knowledge. 13 HyExperts receive 300,000 euros each to implement specific project ideas for the region


  • In this category, the three winning regions each have 20 million euros at their disposal in the form of investment grants for implementation of already existing regional concepts. The total project volume of the three HyPerformers amounts to EUR 195 million.