Terminals and berths

Multifunctional berth

Modern deep water terminal with multimodal connection for customized logistics solutions

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Berth 4

Construction of the 240-m-long berth 4 gives the Cuxport multi-purpose terminal a new berth that can be used for jack-up vessels, along with 85,000 sqm of additional storage space. Among other things, the storage space is designed for very heavy loads to meet the need for offshore handling facilities.

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Berth 5-7

Boat length: 1.257 m

Terminal area: 28 ha

2022 - possible start of construction

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Terminal I (berth 8)

Offshore terminal I, opened in March 2009, serves as a special port for the offshore industry and is equipped with a 650-tonne gantry crane. The gantry crane permits, among other things, loading of the approximately 500-t-heavy tripiles (foundation bodies) as well as the tower segments, which can be up to 70 m long.

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Terminal II (berth 9)

On 26 March 2010, the state of Lower Saxony submitted a 90-page planning approval notice from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment to the management of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH (Nports) to launch expansion of the offshore base in Cuxhaven. Nports, the body responsible for the almost 12-hectare large project, has invested 65 million euros in construction of the quay and port facilities alone.

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berth 9.3

Draught: 9,50 m – 12,70 m
Terminal space: 116.000 m2
Special feature: 1 RoRo-ramp (1.200 t load capacity)

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Logistic area

The logistics area is ideally suited for offshore, heavy lift, project management/loading

Area: 5,4 ha

Dimensions: width up to 380 m, depth from 120 - 190 m

Load capacity: 25 t / m²

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Heavy duty platform

As a leading offshore base port, Cuxhaven has a number of unique selling points. In addition to its central location in relation to the offshore wind farms and the offshore base port, Cuxhaven has had a heavy-duty platform since mid-2007. This is a specialised hydraulic structure with a size of 1,500 square metres that is suitable for both upright transport of fully assembled offshore wind turbines and for the landing and conventional shipping of individual components.

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