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Cuxhaven – the city by the sea

Wide sandy beaches. Colourful beach chairs. Large ships. Screeching seagulls. And, of course, a stiff breeze.
Thinking of Cuxhaven, the sea always comes to mind first. Its maritime flair has turned our city between the mouths of the Elbe and Weser rivers into the largest North Sea spa resort in Germany.
Cuxhaven offers much more than just the sea, however. If you approach the region and its people attentively and with an open mind, you will quickly discover a fascinating landscape full of contrasts, where surprises lurk behind every corner, a city that moves people even beyond the popular tourist programmes, and companies that creatively meet the challenges of our time.
Fresh minds bring fresh ideas – this is another thing that makes Cuxhaven appealing. In spite of all the dynamic changes, the city retains its genuine, unadulterated character, which makes it even more lovable.
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Cuxhaven as an economic region

The economic region of Cuxhaven with the strong adjacent metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Bremen-Oldenburg offers a wide range with an efficient economic structure in its combination of city and district of Cuxhaven. Beyond the core sectors of the port and logistics industry and tourism, the Cuxhaven economic region has special strengths in agriculture, food, and fishing as well as in the renewable energy sector, which has grown strongly in the last few years. Cuxhaven has developed into a leading location in Europe with numerous unique selling points in particular the field of offshore wind energy. The expansion of onshore wind energy in the region has been driven further since adoption of the regional spatial planning programme (Regionales Raumordnungsprogramm) 2012.
The pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and health care industries also have innovation-focused companies that considerably strengthen the business location and offer future prospects that serve as a basis for development.
On top of the strong economic sectors, the economic region of Cuxhaven also has an efficient transport infrastructure that ensures accessibility by road, rail, water, and also by air (Cuxhaven seaport/Nordholz).
Its existing industry branches, as well as those developing anew in parallel, prepare the Cuxhaven economic region well for the future while offering local companies and those looking to move to the region, as well as potential employees, an optimal future-oriented investment and working environment in a region with a high quality of life.
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