Cuxhaven – optimal conditions for the offshore and heavy-duty industries

The present and planned offshore wind farms are highly dependent on efficient ports on the German North Sea coast. Adjacent to the North Sea, Lower Saxony with its local seaports takes its special responsibility in expanding offshore wind energy very seriously. Optimal conditions for offshore wind energy have been created, in particular in Cuxhaven. With this early expansion of the infrastructure and provision of the routes required for grid connections, Lower Saxony has established essential prerequisites for the energy turnaround in Germany – more than any other federal state.

Due to its central location on the Elbe where the river is deep enough for sea-going vessels and its proximity to offshore wind farms, Cuxhaven has developed into a high-priority location for the offshore industry. Its unique infrastructure has turned Cuxhaven into the “Deutsches Offshore-Industrie-Zentrum Cuxhaven”. As a result, it is at the focus of the national and international offshore industry. Cuxhaven operates heavy-duty-capable offshore and heavy-duty terminals, a multi-functional terminal, heavy-duty storage and logistics areas, sufficient crane capacities, accessible heavy-duty connecting routes between the production facilities and quay facilities as well as an offshore safety training centre.

Industrial and commercial areas close to the port are available for further development and expansion of the German Offshore Industrial Centre.